Updated Core Libraries of the ALPS Project

Published: 6 January 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fckj5d7wtr.1
A. Gaenko,
A. E. Antipov,
G. Carcassi,
T. Chen,
X. Chen,
Q. Dong,
L. Gamper,
J. Gukelberger,
R. Igarashi,
S. Iskakov,
M. Konz,
J. P. F. LeBlanc,
R. Levy,
P. N. Ma,
J. E. Paki,
H. Shinaoka,
S. Todo,
M. Troyer,
E. Gull


The open source ALPS (Algorithms and Libraries for Physics Simulations) project provides a collection of physics libraries and applications, with a focus on simulations of lattice models and strongly correlated systems. The libraries provide a convenient set of well-documented and reusable components for developing condensed matter physics simulation code, and the applications strive to make commonly used and proven computational algorithms available to a non-expert community. In this paper we present an updated and refactored version of the core ALPS libraries geared at the computational physics software development community, rewritten with focus on documentation, ease of installation, and software maintainability.



Natural Sciences