Fragility Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridge with Various Seismic Parameters

Published: 25 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fcx85m7pxr.1


Since the late 20th century, cable-stayed bridges have risen to prominence in major cities around the world. However, little work has been carried out to understand the seismic vulnerability of cable-stayed bridges. A common approach for evaluating bridge seismic vulnerability is the generation of vulnerability function in the form of fragility curves This research studies into the intricate fragility analysis of cable-stayed bridge under seismic loads, focusing on essential components such as the top pylon, mid pylon, pier, and deck. The fragility curves of each component subjected to earthquake parameters were determined. Scaling factors for 14 time histories were calculated to generate the Incremental Dynamic Analysis (IDA) curves, which were needed to develop fragility curves. The pushover analysis and Nonlinear Time History Analysis NTHA also needed to build the IDA curve. From the fragility curves, it was concluded that different bridge components have different probabilities of damage level occurrence due to specified earthquake time history parameters. By intricately examining these cases, the study offers valuable insights into the fragility characteristics of individual bridge components, essential for bolstering the resilience of cable-stayed bridges against seismic events of varying intensities. 



Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Earthquake Engineering