Data for: Viscous sintering kinetics of biopolymer filaments extruded for 3D printing (Image Analysis)

Published: 26 April 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fd8htt6785.1
Laurent CHAUNIER, eric leroy, Kevin COCHET, denis Lourdin, Guy Della Valle, Anne-Laure Réguerre


Results of the image analysis during sintering sequences. Fusion bonding kinetics between two extruded filaments based on zein plasticized by 20w% glycerol (filament_diameter=2mm, each) at T=80°C, T=100°C, T=120°C, T=125°C, T=130°C and T=140°C (average values and standard deviations for 3 trials carried out at each temperature): - Evolution of the bonding angle, Theta [rad], between the two extruded filaments - Evolution of the convexity index, Iconvex [-], defined as the ratio between the area of the two filaments cross-section and the convex surface (the whole area including the two filaments cross-section and concavities between them). This ratio reaches a value of 1 if the fusion bonding leads to a perfect sintering of the two filaments, without residual concavity.



Biopolymer, Polymer Melts, Image Analysis