GI helminth parasites of Backyard chicken

Published: 25 April 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fd9g9ny7k9.1
Edilu Sarba


This data was obtained from backyard chicken that are managed under complete extensive system. Since chicken under this system are not treated for any disease or parasite and there is minimal control strategy employed high prevalence of gastrointestinal parasite is expected. This data shows high GI nematodes, such as Ascarida galli and Cestodes.


Steps to reproduce

Chickens which were apparently healthy and clinically sick were selected and following proper anesthesia (humane killing) the viscera were collected from each chicken separately and adult parasites were detected from the intestinal lumen and mucosa. Detection of genus and species was made based on parasitological standards.


Poultry Parasitology