Data for: 'Differences between morphological and repetition priming in auditory lexical decision'

Published: 30 November 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fdmshk2d5x.1
Robert Wilder, Amy Goodwin Davies, David Embick


In this data set, we include the data for two auditory lexical decision experiments which are presented in the paper entitled "Differences between morphological and repetition priming in auditory lexical decision: Implications for decompositional models". Included with the data are the minimally processed raw data files, the R scripts used to prepare, trim, visualize, and model the data (using linear mixed-effects models), the model outputs themselves, and the graphs generated from the data. Please refer to the file_descriptions.pdf file for more details on the data itself. To start examining the data, please refer to the scripts labeled 1_exp1_data_prep.R and 1_exp2_data_prep.R . Following through to the other R scripts in the /scripts/ folder takes the reader through the analyses presented in the paper. These analyses read in CSV files from the /data/input/ folder and process them to create exp1_prep.csv, exp2_prep.csv, exp1_trim.csv, and exp2_trim.csv. These trimmed data sets are then used in the later scripts in the /scripts/ folder to generate the models found in the /scripts/data/ folder (the HTML output of which are in the /scripts/models/ folder) and the graphs found in the /scripts/graphs/ folder. The final scripts entitled exp1_models.R and exp2_models.R generate the models are found in /scripts/data/. Please direct comments about the data-set to the corresponding authors of the associated paper, Robert J. Wilder ( and Amy Goodwin Davies (



University of Pennsylvania


Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Lexical Access, Morphology, Word Recognition, Lexical Decision, Auditory Word Recognition, Spoken Word Recognition