Awareness Of Urinary Incontinence in University Students: A Survey Study

Published: 29 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fdskvhk65k.1


Urinary incontinence (UI) is a common health condition, yet it is often shrouded in stigma and silence, particularly among young adults. University students may experience UI due to various factors, but limited research explores their awareness and understanding of this issue. This study aims to assess the awareness of UI among university students through a survey method. A cross-sectional survey will be conducted using a self-generated validate questionnaire in English survey is being done over the Maharishi Markandeshwar university students for data collection. A sample size of 245 was calculated by using formula. Materials such as social media networking site ,smart phone ,stable network, connection ,goggle forms and MS word where utilised. Questionnaire forwarded via internet to the 245 population from google form which including 24 questions. The collected data was analysed using MS Excel and SPSS v.26 software. According to the study awareness of urinary incontinence in student male students (53.9%) is more aware than female student (46.1%). The participants mean age was 22.11 years with standard deviation of 2.16 .The study employed convenient sampling to gather data, offering insights into the perspectives of this demographic group. urinary leakage occurs during coughing & laughing in that 31% participants agree,36.3% are somewhat agree,32.2% completely agree. As per the results 33.1% agree,40.8% somewhat agree and 25.7% completely agree to feel hesitation to interact with wide community because of urinary incontinence. Even certain stressful conditions (Exam time) are led to increased frequency of urinary leakage in this part almost 34.3% agree,39.2% somewhat agree while 26.1% said completely agree. This study will provide valuable insights into the level of UI awareness among university students. By identifying knowledge gapes and potential barriers, the research can inform targeted educational interventions to promote early recognition and appropriate management of UI in this population



Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


University Student, Urinary Incontinence, Young Adult