Cytotoxic Steroidal Saponins from Raphia vinifera (Arecaceae).

Published: 2 October 2019| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/fdt6y83z8w.3
Chi Godloves Fru, Rodrigue Valtere Tchanya Sop, Armelle Tsafack Mbaveng, Bathelemy Ngameni,
, Samuel O. Yeboah, Till Opatz, Victor Kuete, Thomas Efferth,


Raphia vinifera fruits provide healthy phytochemicals to the body and is of nutritive value. The data shows spirostan-5-ene and Frustan-5-ene steroidal saponins isolated from the extracts of Raphia vinifera fruits among these, four are reported for the first time herein. The data is NMR (1D & 2D) and High Resolution Mass spectrometry data, obtained by carrying out analysis on samples of the isolated compounds on the instrument. This data is used to determine the structure of the compound.


Steps to reproduce

Pure compounds were isolated from the plant material by open column chromatography, the pure compounds submitted NMR (300 - 600 MHz) and mass spectrometry instruments to perform different experiments and the data obtained was processed using MestReNova 9.3 for NMR and Compass Data Analysis unit from Bruker for Mass.


Mass Spectrometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Natural Product Chemistry, 13C NMR Studies