Analysis for "Dynamical Precursors for Statistical Prediction of Stratospheric Sudden Warming Events" by M. Jucker and T. Reichler

Published: 25 September 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ffhv8kn7m5.2
Martin Jucker


Starting from a coupled General Circulation Model (GCM) simulation of 9,990 years, this data gives the occurrence dates of Stratospheric Sudden Warmings (SSWs) within the data in data/NH/ The SSW definition follows Charlton & Polvani (2007). Then, data/NH/ gives the time series of meridional potential vorticity gradient at 30hPa in the stratosphere. data/ contains the time series of the vertical component of Eliassen-Palm flux at 100hPa. Both quantities are standardized relative to climatological day of the year mean and standard deviation. This data is used in Jucker & Reichler (2018) to investigate the feasibility of constructing predictors for SSW occurrence in a statistical way. The analysis script SSWprobs.ipynb performs the analysis and creates the relevant figures from the paper.


Steps to reproduce

Needed python packages are: - xarray - numpy - scipy - parmap - matplotlib - pandas - glob - aostools (included) - jupyter (ipython) Download file tree as is, and run >jupyter notebook SSWprobs.ipynb& Then execute the script to obtain the figures.


The University of Melbourne, University of Utah, University of New South Wales


Climate Dynamics, Stratosphere