TNSPackage: A Fortran2003 library designed for tensor network state methods

Published: 17 April 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fgggdbrdnx.1
Shao-Jun Dong,
Wen-Yuan Liu,
Chao Wang,
Yongjian Han,
G.-C. Guo,
Lixin He


Recently, the tensor network states (TNS) methods have proven to be very powerful tools to investigate the strongly correlated many-particle physics in one and two dimensions. The implementation of TNS methods depends heavily on the operations of tensors, including contraction, permutation, reshaping tensors, SVD and so on. Unfortunately, the most popular computer languages for scientific computation, such as Fortran and C/C++ do not have a standard library for such operations, and therefore make the coding of TNS very tedious. We develop a Fortran2003 package that includes all kinds of basic tensor operations designed for TNS. It is user-friendly and flexible for different forms of TNS, and therefore greatly simplifies the coding work for the TNS methods.



Computational Physics