Soil Parameter for SWAT Model

Published: 13-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fh6dtv82xd.1
Munajat Nursaputra


This data is supporting data in simulating the SWAT hydrological model. The input in the SWAT model, namely soil data, requires the inclusion of soil physical and chemical soil parameter data. The author considers a study related to the hydrology of an area is very necessary in preparing a regional planning concept. However, the obstacle in the study of hydrological models in Indonesia is data. One of them is data related to land conditions, namely soil. So the authors try to examine the availability of data using data that has been there before, namely by processing information contained in the Landsystem map released by the National Coordinating Survey and Mapping Agency in Indonesia (now renamed the Geospatial Information Agency) in the Regional Physical Planning Project for Transmigration (RePPProT) project ) in 1988 and data from the Online Web Soil Survey released by the USDA.