Data for: Performance of data-based models for early detection of damage in concrete dams

Published: 6 December 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fhf2n75spb.1
Rikard Hellgren, Richard Malm, Anders Ansell


Crest displacement [mm] data from simulations of the seasonal displacements of a Buttress dam for 18 years. The data is used for evaluation of the accuracy of damage detection. The data consists of one column with crest displacement from the undamaged dam (UD) and nine rows of crest displacement from the dam with various types of damage. Three locations of damage in the dam and three scenarios were used. The first two locations were to introduce damage in either the whole front plate (FP) or the whole buttress (Bu). The third location was to introduce damage only in cracks corresponding to the crack pattern (Cr) observed at the dam. The three damage time scenarios were used: -Continuous decrease (C) -Instantaneous decrease (I) -Seasonal decrease (S) The data also includes the water temperature, the air temperature outside and air temperature in the dam enclosed area between the front plate and the insulating wall.



Damage, Dam