Revisiting the deformed high shoreline of Lake Bonneville: Datasets and Supplementary Materials

Published: 8 February 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fhvsfjx7j6.1


******************* Please view the README.txt file for detailed documentation of data. ******************** Title: Revisiting the deformed high shoreline of Lake Bonneville: Datasets and Supplementary Materials Version: 1.0 Date of Release: 2017/01/25 Identifier: doi:10.17632/fhvsfjx7j6.1 Permalink: Associated publication: Chen, C. Y. & Maloof, A. C. (2017) "Revisiting the deformed high shoreline of Lake Bonneville." Quaternary Science Reviews. doi:10.​1016/​j.​quascirev.​2016.​12.​019 Link to publication:​1016/​j.​quascirev.​2016.​12.​019 Suggested citation: Please reference the associated publication above when using any datasets or materials described in the README file. Contact information: Christine Y. Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A., or Dates of data collection: 2012/06 - 2014/07 Geographic location: Utah, Nevada, and Idaho, U.S.A. This directory contains the following datasets and supplementary materials: SUPPLEMENTARY TEXT AND FIGURES - ChenMaloof2017_QSR_Bonneville_SuppMaterials.pdf: supplement of text and additional figures SHORELINE ELEVATION TABULAR DATA - bonneville_shoreline_feature_elev_table_cychen_v1.csv, bonneville_shoreline_feature_elev_table_cychen_v1.xls: shoreline feature elevation measurements in tabular formats GIS DATASETS -, bonneville_shoreline_feature_elev_cychen_v1.kmz: shoreline feature elevation measurements in ESRI shapefile (compressed zip file) and KMZ formats - bonneville_shoreline_outline_cychen_v1.mdb, bonneville_shoreline_outline_cychen_v1.kmz: shoreline outline in ESRI geodatabase and KMZ formats - bonneville_shoreline_outline_pts_cychen_v1.csv: 1000 pairs of latitude and longitude coordinates describing equally-spaced locations along the Bonneville shoreline outline; created for plotting purposes for the general community - bonneville_shoreline_field_photos_cychen_v1.kml: contains geotagged photos of shoreline features measured in this study - bonneville_vol_NAD83_CORS96_cychen_v1.tif: georeferenced map of approximate lake volume represented by the Bonneville shoreline - bonneville_vol_NAD83_CORS96_cychen_v1.txt: contains columns of latitude, longitude, and depth describing estimated lake volume of the Bonneville lake stage DRONE-DERIVED DATASETS - antelope_drone_dsm_maloof_v1.tif, antelope_drone_rgb_maloof_v1.tif: drone-derived digital surface model (dsm) and orthophoto (rgb) of a ~1000 m x 500 m area in the southern part of Antelope Island, Utah; georeferenced Specific documentation of each file is described in subsequent sections. We refer the user to the original manuscript (see above) and the text of the Supplementary Materials published alongside this manuscript for additional general information regarding the collection and generation of these data.



Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University


Geology, Lakes, Neotectonics, Geomorphology, Paleoclimate, Sea Level Change