Supplementary Information for 'Reimagining magnetic resonance instrumentation using open maker tools and hardware as protocol'

Published: 8 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fjndssz6fn.1


This is a compilation of design elements from the title publication in the Journal of Magnetic Resonance Open. It includes computer aided design (CAD) part files (.ipt and .iam), drawings (.dwg and .pdf), stereolithography files (.stl), and Computer Simulations Technology magnetic field modeling and PDF of Mathematica Notebook plotting results from a reproducibility study.


Steps to reproduce

Coil inserts were 3D-printed out of Dyneon PTFE by submitting the associated STL files electronically to 3M (Maplewood, MN). Methods for using DIAPER templates and CST modeling are described in the following reference: Other STL files should be able to be opened in 3D printing software such as Preform or Cura to create print files for Formlabs (SLA) or Lulzbot (FFF) printers respectively or others as required. Cross-coil instrument is from this reference: Double saddle coil instrument is from this reference: For any other information please contact the authors.


University of California Irvine


Three Dimensional Printing, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Instrumentation