Published: 1 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fjnnjv6nnn.1
Daniela Almeida,
Dany Domínguez-Pérez


In Dataset_3 are provided the de novo assemblies of 16 transcriptomes from cephalopods posterior salivary glands using CLC Genomics Workbench v11.0.1 (SRR680047_assembly.fasta, SRR684167_assembly.fasta, SRR684223_assembly.fasta, SRR725597_assembly.fasta, SRR725779_assembly.fasta, SRR725780_assembly.fasta, SRR725935_assembly.fasta, SRR725936_assembly.fasta, SRR725937_assembly.fasta, SRR725938_assembly.fasta, SRR2047107_assembly.fasta, SRR3105321_assembly.fasta, SRR3105558_assembly.fasta, SRR5204441_assembly.fasta, SRR5204442_assembly.fasta, SRR6349992_assembly.fasta), as well as, all the assemblies integrated into one unique FASTA file (272704_contigs_from_16_cephalopods_PSGs_transcriptome_assemblies.fasta) and the list of adapters and possible contaminants (Table_S1.xlsx) previously used for trimming the raw data before assembly.


Steps to reproduce

For more information on how this Dataset was obtained please refer to the Data article: Almeida, Daniela; Domínguez-Pérez, Dany; Matos, Ana; Agüero-Chapin, Guillermin; Castaño, Yuselis; Vasconcelos, Vitor; Campos, Alexandre; Antunes, Agostinho. 2020. "Data Employed in the Construction of a Composite Protein Database for Proteogenomic Analyses of Cephalopods Salivary Apparatus" Data 5, no. 4: 110.