Data for: Dimensionless morphological ratios versus stream power variations at bankfull stage in an ephemeral channel

Published: 6 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fkw3cdjw92.1
Carmelo Conesa-García, Pedro Pérez-Cutillas, Rafael García-Lorenzo, Joris Eekhout, Alvaro Gomez-Gutierrez, Agustín Millares-Valenzuela, Alberto Martínez-Salvador


Dataset referring to the hydraulic variables obtained for each of the bankfull cross-sections, that was analyzed in the study reach (Upper Mula stream), and to dimensionless ratios estimated from morphological channel parameters.This bankfull threshold was applied to 266 cross-sections, obtained by interpolation, maintaining between them a distance of 10 m in straight channel reaches and 5 m in bends. Associated with each cross-section, information is provided about the flow surface, hydraulic radius, velocity, shear stress, total stream power, bankfull channel geometry, among other hydraulic parameters. In addition, the dimensionless morphological ratios (DMR) calculated for all cross-sections are also showed in the same dataset. The second data file includes grain-sizes of bed sediments and other hydraulic variables which were used to calculate the relative bed stability (RBS). The last file contains the data used in the ANOVA from two categories of stretch classes: (1) bend stretches (BS) and straight stretches (SS) and (2) stretches from the inflection point to the meander bend apex (IP-MBA) and stretches from the meander bend apex to the inflection point (MBA-IP).



Hydrology, Fluvial Geomorphology