AE Monitoring of Refill FSSW

Published: 27 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fmvc523fzc.1
Fethi Dahmene


The data is classified in three folders. The first one named “Original AE data” contains files generated by the Vallen acquisition unit. The *.pridb file contains the AE-data acquired with the acquisition setup. The *.tradb file contains the acquired waveforms. The *.vae file contains the analysis setup used during real-time monitoring. To open these files, researcher will need the vallen control panel release available in this link ( To facilitate the use of AE data, another folder named “Extracted AE database” is created, which contains extracted AE signal for the 78 spot welds. Data are TXT files. Some information is included in each file such as the sample rate, pre-trigger samples, the channel number (or sensor number) and the number of samples. The data starts from line 14 of the file, which is the amplitude in (mV). The time between two samples is calculated by inverting the sample rate (sampling frequency). The third folder is dedicated to the database of welding parameters monitoring.



Groupe IS


Acoustic Emission, Spot Welding, Welding Defect