Dataset in support of paper "Relationship between the Ozone and Water Vapor columns on Mars as Observed by SPICAM and Calculated by a Global Climate Model"

Published: 2 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/fngs4kj27v.2
Franck Lefèvre


SPICAM ozone nadir data: spicam_nadir_o3_202001.tar.gz SPICAM water vapor nadir data: SPICAM_WV_1_2020.txt.gz GCM data co-located with SPICAM (Figures 5-6-7)


Steps to reproduce

column ordering in GCM files: martian year, Ls, latitude, longitude, local time, sza, surface pressure, h2o column (pr-micron), o3 column (micron-atmosphere) column ordering in SPICAM_WV_1_2020.txt: martian year, Ls, longitude, latitude, h2o column (pr-micron), h2o column scaled to 6.1 hPa (pr-micron), saturation altitude (km), local time