Data for: Land Use Change Alters the Radiocarbon Age and Composition of Soil and Water-Soluble Organic Matter in the Brazilian Cerrado

Published: 22 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fnh8t2mcf2.1
Jason James, Rodolpho Bernardi, Iraê Guerrini, David Butman, Fernanda Santos, Tyler Myers, Cole Gross, Marianne Faria, Pranjal Dwivedi, Robert Harrison


Dataset documenting two paired-sites covered by either native Cerrado forest or Eucalyptus plantations in Sao Paulo State Brazil. Dataset contains information on soil C and N, K2SO4 extractions (water soluble organic matter (WSOM)), WSOM biodegradability, radiocarbon age of bulk soil and WSOM, 1H NMR characteristics of WSOM, indices from FTIR spectra of bulk soil samples, and microbial biomass.



Ecology, Forestry, Organic Chemistry, Soil, Biogeochemistry, Forest Soil