Dense sampling of bird diversity increases power of comparative genomics

Published: 9 April 2021| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/fnpwzj37gw.4
Shaohong Feng,
Josefin Stiller,
Yuan Deng,
Joel Armstrong,
Qi Fang,
Duo Xie,
Guangji Chen,
Benedict Paten,
Guojie Zhang


Data accompanying the manuscript "Dense sampling of bird diversity increases power of comparative genomics" In Nature releasing of 267 bird genomes as part of the Bird 10,000 Genome Project (B10K), in addition to orthology assignments and analyses on a total of 363 genomes. The dataset includes - Extended Data Figures. Zoomable PDFs for some Extended Data Figures 2e, 3, 6, 7c, 8a with tip labels; gene tree file for GH orthologs shown in Extended Data Figure 6. - Supplementary Tables 1 to 15. Captions are given in supplementary_table_captions.txt. Tables can be downloaded individually or as a package ( Sample information for each genome and genome statistics (Supplementary Table 1) can also be viewed online at - B10K_name_map.xls. Allows translation of B10K sample codes, short 6 letter codes used in ortholog annotations and species latin name. - Supplementary File 2. The tree file in newick format for all 10,135 species of birds. The tree was pruned from the synthesis tree by excluding all subspecies, operational taxonomic units and unaccepted species as described in Supplementary File 1.



Genomics, Aves