Fractional viscoelastic model parameters

Published: 01-08-2016| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/fp5dgndj8b.3
Bruno Manuel Ribeiro Alves


The data was obtained from a research and a fit of data with the software Wolfram Mathematica. The corresponding Materials are: EP NA 952-00 - Equistar Petrothene NA 952-00; EM NTX 101 - Exxon Mobil NTX 101; EM Exact 0201 - Exxon Mobil Exact 0201; EM Exact 3132 - Exxon Mobil Exact 3132; The materials are branched PE. The parameters are from the models: ZFM - Zener Fractional Model; AZFM - Anti-Zener fractional Model; SBM - Scott-Blair Model; KVFM - Kelvin-Voigt Fractional Model; The parameters presented are from Relaxation Modulus and Compliance Creep


Steps to reproduce

To reproduce the experiment, first: 1- with the same data present in the paper in literature construct an algorithm with the software Mathematica; The source algorithm is also given in the literature of the paper; 2- Once the algorithm is constructed then is just needed to fit the data. The results obtained should be the same as here presented in theory to this fractional viscoelastic models.