Fractional viscoelastic model parameters

Published: 1 August 2016| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/fp5dgndj8b.3
Bruno Manuel Ribeiro Alves


The data was obtained from a research and a fit of data with the software Wolfram Mathematica. The corresponding Materials are: EP NA 952-00 - Equistar Petrothene NA 952-00; EM NTX 101 - Exxon Mobil NTX 101; EM Exact 0201 - Exxon Mobil Exact 0201; EM Exact 3132 - Exxon Mobil Exact 3132; The materials are branched PE. The parameters are from the models: ZFM - Zener Fractional Model; AZFM - Anti-Zener fractional Model; SBM - Scott-Blair Model; KVFM - Kelvin-Voigt Fractional Model; The parameters presented are from Relaxation Modulus and Compliance Creep


Steps to reproduce

To reproduce the experiment, first: 1- with the same data present in the paper in literature construct an algorithm with the software Mathematica; The source algorithm is also given in the literature of the paper; 2- Once the algorithm is constructed then is just needed to fit the data. The results obtained should be the same as here presented in theory to this fractional viscoelastic models.


Universidade do Minho Departamento de Engenharia de Polimeros


Complex Fluid