Data for: On-line rheological characterisation of semi-solid formulations

Published: 26 November 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fpdcndp376.1
Pernille Kjærgaard Qwist,
Camilla Sander ,
Vibeke Jessen,
Fridolin Okkels,
Stefania Baldursdottir


The rheological profile of a semi-solid product is a critical quality attribute. To monitor changes of this attribute during manufacturing, it would be beneficial to measure the rheological parameters in an on-line or in-line mode and implement this as a part of a control strategy for manufacturing of semi-solids. An automated system based on the measurement of pressure difference across both a topology optimised shape and a tube geometry (capillary viscometer) was investigated. The Pressure Difference Apparatus (PDA) can sample from the bulk intermediate/product stream and press the sample through the apparatus at different flow rates to yield a frequency sweep (G’ and G’’) and a flow curve (viscosity).



Rheology, Process Analytical Technology, Semi-Solid Formulation Including Hydrogel