Incidental processing of emotional facial expressions: correlates of visual field bias in women

Published: 23 January 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fpzp4df5nc.1
Dina Wittfoth


-------------------- *.hdr and *.img files of individual t-statistics of all n=18 participants for the nine experimental conditions (fearful left [FL], fearful central [FC], fearful right [FR], happy left [HL], happy central [HL], happy right [HR], neutral left [NL], neutral central [NC], neutral right [NR]) as calculated in a first-level fixed effects model corrected for serial autocorrelations (AR1) and low frequency signals (high-pass filter of 128 s). Regressors of no interest included incorrect trials, as well as the individual realignment parameters. -------------------- ANOVA random effects group level analysis comparing interactions of the experimental factors ‘valence’ (fearful, happy, neutral) and ‘location’ (left, central, right) in a full-factorial within-subject GLM. -------------------- Excel sheets containing behavioral data, questionnaire data and eye-tracking data that went into the group-level statistics reported in the manuscript.


Steps to reproduce

Please refer to the ANOVA.mat file for the factorial design specifications in SPM. For a full description of all data analyses please refer to the resepective manuscript.


Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Emotion, Face Perception