AWESoMe 1.1: A code for the calculation of phase and group velocities of acoustic waves in homogeneous solids

Published: 24 April 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fr58gfsc9n.1


We present an improved version of the code AWESoMe, capable of computing phase and group velocities, power flow angles and enhancement factors of acoustic waves in homogeneous solids. In this version, some algorithms are improved and the code provides a better estimation of the enhancement factor compared to the previous version. In addition, we include a quadruple-precision version of the code, which even though using the same numerical approach as the double-precision version, it is able to calculate the exact values of the enhancement factor. The standard, double-precision version of the code has been interfaced and merged with the development version of CRYSTAL and will be available as part of its next stable release. Finally, we have improved the scripts for visualizing the results, which now are compatible with Gnuplot 5.X.X, including new scripts for the visualization of the normal and ray surfaces. The previous version of this program (AEWA_v1_0) may be found at



Natural Sciences