Data from: Population structure and microhabitat preference of a threatened freshwater mussel, Westralunio carteri, in south-western Australia

Published: 23 March 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/frkvyhmz2f.2
Alan Lymbery


The Excel files provided here contain data used in a study of the population structure and microhabitat associations of a threatened freshwater mussel (Westralunio carteri) from south-western Australia. The file “Mussel_quadrat_data” contains data relating to number of mussels and microhabitat variables in quadrat samples from different sites. Each row provides the information from one quadrat. Data include: River; Site within river; Number of mussels per quadrat (Mussel #); Distance to riverbank (BD); Water depth (WD); Riverbed slope (BS); Presence of debris (DP); Debris height (DH); Flow velocity (FV); Substrate grain size (SG); Vegetation cover (VC); Macrophyte cover (MC); Algal cover (AC). The file Length_and_age contains data relating to shell length (TL) and estimated age (AgeH = high estimate; AgeL = low estimate). Age estimates are based on the slowest and fastest growth rates for W. carteri reported by Klunzinger et al. (2014) Freshwater Science 33: 1127-1135. Each tab provides the measurements from mussels collected within a different river.



Murdoch University


Bivalvia, Freshwater Ecology