EEG dataset of individuals with intellectual and developmental disorder and healthy controls while observing rest and music stimuli

Published: 11 April 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/fshy54ypyh.2
Ekansh Sareen,
, Blessin Varkey, Krishnaveni Achary


This data presents a collection of EEG recordings of seven participants with Intellectual and Developmental Disorder (IDD) and seven Typically Developing Controls (TDC). The data is recorded while the participants observe a resting state and a soothing music stimuli. The data was collected using a high-resolution multi-channel dry-electrode system from EMOTIV called EPOC+. This is a 14-channel device with two reference channels and a sampling frequency of 128 Hz. The data was collected in a noise-isolated room. The participants were informed of the experimental procedure, related risks and were asked to keep their eyes closed throughout the experiment. The data is provided in two formats, (1) Raw EEG data and (2) Pre-processed and clean EEG data for both the group of participants. This data can be used to explore the functional brain connectivity of the IDD group. In addition, behavioral information like IQ, SQ, music apprehension and facial expressions (emotion) for IDD participants is provided in file “QualitativeData.xlsx". Data Usage: The data is arranged as follows: 1. Raw Data: Data/RawData/RawData_TDC/Music and Rest Data/RawData/RawData_IDD/Music and Rest 2. Clean Data Data/CleanData/CleanData_TDC/Music and Rest Data/CleanData/CleanData_IDD/Music and Rest The dataset comes along with a fully automated EEG pre-processing pipeline. This pipeline can be used to do batch-processing of raw EEG files to obtain clean and pre-processed EEG files. Key features of this pipeline are : (1) Bandpass filtering (2) Linenoise removal (3) Channel selection (4) Independent Component Analysis (ICA) (5) Automatic artifact rejection All the required files are present in the Pipeline folder. If you use this dataset and/or the fully automated pre-processing pipeline for your research work, kindly cite these two articles linked to this dataset. (1) Sareen, E., Singh, L., Varkey, B., Achary, K., Gupta, A. (2020). EEG dataset of individuals with intellectual and developmental disorder and healthy controls under rest and music stimuli. Data in Brief, 105488, ISSN 2352-3409, DOI: (2) Sareen, E., Gupta, A., Verma, R., Achary, G. K., Varkey, B (2019). Studying functional brain networks from dry electrode EEG set during music and resting states in neurodevelopment disorder, bioRxiv 759738 [Preprint]. Available from:



Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi


Neuroscience, Electroencephalography, Cognitive Neuroscience, Biomedical Signal Processing