Sample of BRÉHAT traffic data

Published: 12 December 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ft62gkx5tt.2
Farid Arthaud


A sample of one week of train traffic on the French National Rail Network (NRN), from the BRÉHAT database of SNCF Réseau. The data ranges from 2018-01-08 to 2018-01-14, and all files are compressed using zstandard. The brehat files contains raw observations in json format, as a list of events. The filteredData files contains only trains filtered by our data preparation step, each key of the array is a train number and the associated value is a list of all events for that train on that day. Finally, the trainingData are formatted for network training: they are snapshots every 12 minutes of a list of trains, in a format described in the associated publication "Transformers à Grande Vitesse".


Steps to reproduce

See associated publication "Transformers à Grande Vitesse".


SNCF Reseau


Transport, Operations Research, Machine Learning, Railway