An Ethnographic Study of Dalit Activism in Sindh (Supplementary Thesis Data)

Published: 1 September 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ftcwpfhvws.2
Ghulam Hussain


Table of Contents Identity Politics in Pakistan: An Ethnographic Study of Dalit Activism in Sindh 1 Approved Application of Reservation for SCs and Age Relaxation 1 Scheduled castes Schoalrships and Quotas 2 Scholarhsips for SCs 3 Scheduled Caste Certificate 6 A sample of advertised post by Government of Sindh 7 School Leaving Certificate of a Scheduled Caste, mentioning caste and religion separately 8 Clause 3 of Article 106 as Amended in the constitution of 1973 9 List of Chief Ministers of Sindh 11 Composition of Sindh Government (2013-2017) 14 Bheel Intellectual Forum: Heartbeat of Dalit Activism in Pakistan 16 Petition, Sensi Tribes and Scheudled Tribes/Castes and religous Status 20 P L D 1993 Supreme Court 439 Present. 20 Fifth Scheduled, Government of India, Act, 1935 22 Government of India Act, 1935 22 Application form for the post of sanitary worker 27 Notification by Deputy Commissioner Sangahr for notifiying selection of minority committee 29 Major Hindu Temples of Pakistan as outlined by Pakistani Hindu Council 30 Sample of Study (Forums and Organizations) 32 Caste Structure of Sindh Assembly 35 Sindh Assembly 2002 - 2007 36 Caste elite of Sindh 37 Caste Elite of Sindh: District-wise Break-up 37 Demographics of Pakistan, Scheduled caste population 40 Harappa Ancestry Project 45



Ethnographic Research