Vision, Mission Statements and Core Values of Top 100 Islamic Banks

Published: 25 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ftnbv3v52b.1
Kamran Siddiqui


The data used the ranking and country of origin of Top 100 Islamic banks used by The data contains the vision statements, number of words in each vision statement and characteristics of vision statements. Characteristics of vision statements include Clear, Realistic, Shorter, Easy to communicate, Easy to memorize, Easy to be explained, Focused, Unique, Decision Making guidance, and Challenging. The data also contains the mission statements, number of words in each mission statement and components and characteristics of mission statements. Components include Customers, Products and Services, Markets, Technology, Survival, growth, and profitability, Philosophy, Self-concept, Concern for public image, and Concern for employees while characteristics include Broad in scope, Less than 100 words in length, Less than 250 words in length, Inspiring, Socially responsible, Environmentally responsible, Reconciliatory, and Enduring. Finally data has core values and number of words used in core values for each bank. At the end it also includes the weblinks for banks official webpages.


Steps to reproduce

1. Download the ranking of Top 100 Islamic Banks from 2. Download the vision, mission statements and core values of Top 100 Islamic Banks from their official websites. 3. Analyze the characteristics and components vision and mission statements as guided by literature. 4. Calculate the number of words in vision, mission statements and core values of Top 100 Islamic Banks. 5. Calculate the column totals.


Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University


Strategic Mission, Strategic Vision, Values