Compilation of literature data for the article: Study on importance, procedure, and scope of outdoor thermal comfort –A review

Published: 18 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ftzdt6fxgx.1


Table A will provide us with comprehensive information about various aspects with which outdoor thermal comfort (OTC) studies have been investigated during 2001-19. In this section, the literature screening on OTC studies investigated from 2001-19 has been presented. Data summarizes the motivation of the studies, location, climate, indices used, sample size, parameters measured, and key findings of the peer-reviewed articles. The concise information regarding the OTC studies has been presented in the form of tabular data. The motivation of the reviewed studies is grouped as - A better understanding of thermal comfort conditions, tourism purpose, heat mitigation strategies, to check the impact of greenery on thermal comfort conditions, and to check the applicability of thermal comfort models. Table A.1 presenting the terminology of various motivations referred to studies investigated from 2001-19, covered in our literature screening. The location and climate have been shown to present the study area and under which prevailing conditions, respectively. Climate symbols represent different climate zone in which the chosen study has been performed as per the Köppen climate classification system. The sample size helps in concluding the number of a questionnaire filled by the subjects during the subjective evaluation. Indices used are the indicators of the thermal comfort conditions of the climate zone. Parameters measured are the microclimate variables recorded during the objective survey. Key findings are the results obtained in the various OTC studies investigated.



Thermal Comfort