Direct current transmission and reflection spectra of organic photovoltaic (OPV) materials in the 110-160 GHz range

Published: 15-03-2020| Version 6 | DOI: 10.17632/fv632kj9r5.6
Biswadev Roy,
Corinne Miller,
Abay Dinku,
Harald Ade,
Marvin Wu,
Taylor Knapp


These are transmission & reflection d.c. voltage datasets with respective standard deviations at each probe frequency. Signals generated using highly coherent electrovacuum system employing Backward Wave Oscillator (BWO) in a quasi-optical setup, and signal acquired using very sensitive Schottky zero bias detector system. Data structured as, column1: millimeter wave sweeper generator frequency, column2: transmission voltage (dc) free space/gold mirror reflection voltage(dc) , column3: standard deviation in volts dc, transmission dc voltage (with sample in path)/reflection dc voltage from sample, column4: standard deviation of transmitted/reflected voltages through, or reflected off the sample surface.


Steps to reproduce

LabVIEW based sweeping the generator at a resolution of 100 MHz is ideal. Probe beam needs to be first optimized for power handling by the ZBD diode then probe reflection from first surface need to be measured. These are dark (dc) measurements (100-1000 samples) collected with a delay ~500 milliseconds