Data for: Patterns and drivers of development in a west Amazonian peatland during the late Holocene

Published: 21 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fw2fn6z25p.1
Thomas Kelly, Katherine Roucoux, Timothy Baker, Euridice Honorio Coronado, Ian Lawson


This study uses multiple peat cores to improve our understanding of the long-term development of a peatland (Quistococha) in Peruvian Amazonia, by providing a reconstruction of the spatial patterns of vegetation change and peat accumulation over time across the site. Peat cores taken along transects totalling c. 5 km were used to establish the peat thickness and visible stratigraphy. Of 29 new peat cores, four were selected for pollen analysis, supported by 15 radiocarbon dates. The dataset includes supporting stratigraphic information for the four peat cores selected for pollen analysis, as well as grid references and peat thicknesses for the other sampling points.



Palynology, Peat Mire, Palaeoecology