Detrital zircon data of Zhenbeitai site, nothern Chinese Loess Plateau

Published: 26-01-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fwsm4r4zsn.1
Hanzhi Zhang,
Huayu Lu,
Mengchun Cui,
Jing He


The Zhenbeitai section (38°19′41.9″N, 109°43′51.4″E), with a thickness of 16.8 m, is located on the boundary of the Chinese Loess Plateau and sand fields in the upwind direction. The age populations of detrital zircon from all eight samples mainly show dominate peak at 350-200 Ma, relative small peak at 540-350 Ma, and minor peaks at ~3000 to 1200 Ma and 1200-540 Ma.