From Discrimination to Integration: A History of Chinese Immigration in Canada

Published: 3 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fx6hf95yvm.1
Peng Sun


This book, "From Discrimination to Integration: A History of Chinese Immigration in Canada," authored by Peng Sun, presents a comprehensive exploration of the journey of Chinese immigrants and their descendants in Canada. Spanning from the 1850s to the contemporary era, this historical account delves into the experiences of Chinese immigrants, their challenges, and the transformation of Chinese-Canadian communities over time. The purpose of this study is to shed light on the push and pull factors that shaped Chinese immigration to Canada, including economic and political conditions in China, recruitment efforts by Canadian entities, and prospects for a better life in Canada. The construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the contributions of Chinese labor to its development are examined in detail, along with the living and working conditions faced by Chinese workers during this period. The book delves into the discrimination and exclusion faced by Chinese immigrants during the Exclusion Era from 1923 to 1947, analyzing the impact of the Chinese Immigration Act of 1923 on the Chinese-Canadian community. Resistance and coping strategies adopted by Chinese-Canadians during this era are also explored, highlighting the strength and resilience of the community. Furthermore, this study analyzes the repeal of the Exclusion Act in 1947, leading to changes in Canadian immigration policies and the arrival of a new wave of Chinese immigrants. The growth and transformation of Chinatowns, the development of Chinese-Canadian businesses, and the impact of immigration on Canadian society and politics are also closely examined. In addition to historical events, this work investigates the contemporary era, focusing on Chinese immigration since 1967 and the points system's influence on immigration trends. Settlement experiences and challenges faced by recent Chinese immigrants are explored, along with their contributions to Canadian society, politics, and identity formation. The book also celebrates the vibrant Chinese-Canadian culture, delving into the historical and cultural influences that have shaped Chinese-Canadian identity. Chinese-Canadian organizations, institutions, and notable figures are highlighted for their contributions to Canadian society and culture. Overall, this research provides a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the history of Chinese immigration in Canada, drawing upon a wide range of historical records, academic studies, and firsthand accounts. It aims to contribute to the field of Canadian history while fostering empathy and appreciation for the diverse contributions of Chinese-Canadians to the nation's cultural fabric. Keywords: Chinese immigration, Canada, discrimination, integration, Exclusion Act, Chinatowns, points system, Chinese-Canadian culture.



Jinan University


Culture Heritage, Immigration Study, Immigration Cultural Issue, Canada, Culture, Immigration, Discrimination, Canadian Economy