Nanofiber chitosan sistematic review and meta-analysis repository

Published: 6 March 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/fxf2j8rydy.3
Anahi Maldonado


A systematic literature search and data extraction were conducted in Web of science, EBSCO, Springer, ELSEVIER, Wiley and MEDLINE databases (July 2022). The search was carried out using the search terms: ( Chitosan [MeSH Terms] AND Nanofibers [MeSH Terms] AND Wound Healing [MeSH Terms] AND Animal Models [MeSH Terms]. As a result a search of total (N = 2,370) articles were analyzed and then compared with the inclusion criteria: Wound healing model AND Nanofibers chitosan intervention AND control group comparisson (no intervention) AND animal healthy models. In this repository the total search retrived dataset is integrated, with title, author and DOI.


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Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social Delegacion Sonora, Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora


Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis