Data for: Slope gradient controls soil thickness and chemical weathering in subtropical Brazil: understanding rates and timescales of regional soilscape evolution through a combination of field data and modeling

Published: 29 April 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/fxmn7p6fb4.2
Liesa Brosens, Benjamin Campforts,
, Veerle Vanacker, Sophie Opfergelt, Yolanda Ameijeiras-Mariño, Jean P.G. Minella, Gerard Govers


This data repository contains 3 main files: 1) Excel tables with: - Input and results of the synthetic model runs (Table S3) - Input and results of model applied to sampling locations (Table S4) - Soil profile description for each sampled location 2) Map with the coordinates of the sampling locations (.gpx and .shp format) 3) Text file containing the spectra of the scanned regional samples in the Mid- Infrared region (MIR). Spectra are given as absorbance and already corrected for possible drift by dividing by the background samples



Chemical Weathering, Soil, Numerical Modeling, Brazil, Subtropical Region, Topography, Regional Analysis