A-Train observation of thermodynamic conditions above tropical cyclones

Published: 26 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fy3gg7ch42.1
Jing Feng


This dataset consists of A-Train observation of thermodynamic conditions above tropical cyclones. Satellite observations that pass over tropical cyclone events are identified in ‘A-Train_overpass_geolocation.nc’. Based on identified satellite overpasses, data samples from AIRS-L1B, DARDAR-Cloud, and MLS v4.2 products are collected. Above observed thick high-level clouds, a synergetic retrieval approach (joint AIRS-DARDAR retrieval, Feng et al. (2021 a, b)) is developed to obtain the thermodynamic profiles above the tropical cyclones. 1. A-Train_overpass_geolocation.nc: Geolocation of tropical cyclones over the Northern part of the West Pacific, derived from CloudSat 2D-TC product. It also includes the granule number of CloudSat and AIRS observations that pass over these tropical cyclones. 2. A-Train_overpass_cloud.nc: Ice water content and cloud categories, as defined in Feng and Huang. (2021), derived from DARDAR-Cloud and CloudSat 2D-CLDCLSS product. 3. A-Train_overpass_AIRS.nc: AIRS brightness temperature at an infrared window channel and a CO2 channel. 4. A-Train_overpass_MLS.nc: Temperature and water vapor from MLS v4.2 product. Only data not affected by high clouds are collected. 5. JointAIRSDARDAR.nc: Temperature, water vapor, and ice water content above tropical cyclone events. References: 1. Feng, J., Huang, Y., and Qu, Z.: An observing system simulation experiment (OSSE)-based assessment of the retrieval of above-cloud 620 temperature and water vapor using infrared hyper-spectrometers, Manuscript submitted for publication, 2021 a. 2. Feng, J., and Huang.: Impacts of tropical cyclones on the thermodynamic conditions in the tropical tropopause layer observed by A-train satellites, Manuscript submitted for publication, 2021 b.



McGill University


Remote Sensing, Atmospheric Physics, Tropical Cyclone, Stratospheric Physics