Mercury isotopic composition of various ocean island basalts

Published: 18 August 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fyxkjrpnhh.1
Frederic Moynier


The mercury isotopic composition of the basalts was measured in 2021 by MC-ICPMS, using a Nu Plasma Instrument. We report both mass-dependent ( δ202Hg) and mass-independent (Δ199Hg, Δ201Hg) isotopic composition of mercury. The mantle composition least affected by crustal recycling is estimated from high-3He/4He lavas from Samoa and Iceland, providing an average of Δ199Hg=0.000.10, Δ201Hg=-0.020.0.09, δ202Hg=-1.71.2; 2SD, N=11. HIMU-type lava shows positive Δ199Hg, consistent with the incorporation of altered oceanic crust in its mantle source, while a Samoan (EM2) lava has negative Δ199Hg reflecting incorporation of continental crust materials into its source.