Dataset for "The impact of behavioral and team characteristics on football club fans' consumption in Brazil"

Published: 12 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fz3yhx3trc.1


Repository of supplementary research files for " The impact of behavioral and team characteristics on football club fans' consumption in Brazil ". There are four files available: 1) the original article published in PODIUM Sport, Leisure and Tourism Review in Portuguese; 2) the article translated into English for more effective dissemination; 3) raw database in .csv format; and 4) structured and organized database in .sav format. The variables are operationalized in sections 3.2 and 3.3 of the article. The coding of the database may be found in the article's Appendix, which also contains the research questionnaire. Abstract of article: Objective of the study: The purpose of this study was to see how team image, behavioral loyalty, psychological commitment, and team qualities affect the consumption behavior of football club fans. Methodology/Approach: The suggested model was tested using PLS-SEM, with the goal of maximizing the explanation of the variance of the endogenous variable of interest. A structured questionnaire distributed to Brazilian fans received 330 responses. Originality/Relevance: Based on six artifacts from the questionnaire, an original concept for the building of the composite construct "Consumer Fan" was selected. Based on prior findings, this is the first study to examine fan consumption behavior using team image, behavioral loyalty, psychological commitment, fan characteristics, and team attributes. Main results: The findings revealed that psychological commitment, behavioral loyalty, team image, football practice, income, team success, and the origins of the relationship with the favorite team all had a substantial positive impact on the consumption behavior of Brazilian football club fans. Theoretical/methodological contributions: The study's key contribution is the unique combination of diverse conceptions and sociodemographic and behavioral factors to measure fan consumption potential, filling a crucial theoretical gap. It is also worth mentioning that this study focuses on the fan as a consumer, which has not before been studied in the literature. Contributions to management: This research suggests techniques for managers to improve fans' consumption potential. The necessity of creating a fan's psychological connection to the team is emphasized.


Steps to reproduce

If you need to manipulate the raw database (.csv), check the coding in the article's Appendix. The data will be structured and organized if you utilize the database in .sav format with SPSS.


Universidade Federal de Uberlandia


Consumer Behavior, Mulitvariate Partial Least Squares Regression, Consumer Analysis, Consumer Attitude, Consumer Culture, Sports Marketing, Soccer