Lacasse and Petitclerc. 2021. J. Dairy Sci. Supplementary Table 1

Published: 08-01-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/fzn3gcmzp8.1
Pierre Lacasse


Number of services before first conception, age at first conception, age at calving and number of days open during first lactation of heifers exposed to 8 h of light and 16 h of dark (8L:16D) from 52 to 61 wk of age (ISO) and from 62 wk age to 8 wk before calving (ALLO) (S:S1), 8L:16D during ISO and 16L:8D during ALLO (S:L), 16L:8D during ISO and 8L:16D during ALLO (L:S) or 16L:8D during both periods (L:L).