Customer Satisfaction Level of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation’s Restaurants

Published: 16 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/g2952ng5td.1
Md Mizanur Rahman


The study aimed to assess Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation's restaurants' customer satisfaction to improve quality and services. It was found that the price of the food items was not extensive comparing to international standards, but expensive in the country context. It takes an extended time in-between ordering and delivery. The manner and etiquette of the waiters and other restaurant service people were not up to the mark. Customers enjoy a healthy environment during food consumption. The food quality is not appropriately controlled, and less quantity of food, notably inferior portion, was served, which was treated as cheating activities. The study found that the outside washroom and interior designs were not satisfactory. Hence, the restaurant needs to take the initiative to bring more mobility for ensuring prompt service where customers will not have to wait long for food. A training program is required to improve human resources' professionalism, including waiters/waitresses and kitchen staff. Special attention is warranted on food portioning so that the customers are not cheated.



Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre


Tourism, Bangladesh, Consumer Satisfaction, Restaurant, Customer Care