Dataset on the production, dissemination and uptake of social science research in Nigeria

Published: 21 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/g2wstgcgwc.1


This dataset presents data collected from three surveys, each among researchers, research administrators and policymakers across the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria. The data were collected from 513 researchers, 118 research administrators and 60 policymakers drawn from randomly selected organizations that are implicated in social science research (SSR) in Nigeria, which include: 53 universities; 5 research institutes; 17 government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and donors; 9 private consultancies; 26 civil society organisations, private consultancies; and 7 Houses of Assembly. Data collection was done in July 2019. The surveys assessed several factors that impart the production, dissemination and uptake of social science research (SSR) in Nigeria, including research personnel, funding, infrastructure, mentoring, communication practices and products, policy-friendliness, among many others. The data are important in understanding the status of SSR its potential to influence sustainable development in a typical developing country like Nigeria. The usefulness of the data is many folds as every stakeholder in the research—policy–development nexus is implicated. Ultimately, the data is useful in characterizing SSR system and formulating policies to boost its status and potential.


Steps to reproduce

This data is accompanied by an article which provides further details on the survey methods and sample. Users are strongly advised to consult the paper (search "Dataset on the Production, Dissemination and Uptake of Social Science Research in Nigeria" at * Each data file was generated in a separate survey. It is strongly recommended that users thoroughly familiarize themselves with the accompanying questionnaires for each survey before applying the dataset. * It is also strongly recommended that users be familiar with the Doing Research Assessment (DRA). The project webpage and the full report of the Nigerian DRA (links provided below) are a very useful resource. * In each data file, every variable name has two components - a prefix in capital letters which indicates the section of the corresponding questionnaire, followed by the exact number of the item in the questionnaire. For instance, the first variable in the administrators dataset is PRO1a, indicating that the variable is question 1a under the PRODUCTION section of the Administrators questionnaire. If you use the dataset, please acknowledge the source using the following information: * The National Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM), Ile-Ife, Nigeria carried out the original surveys with funding from the Global Development Network (GDN) under the Doing Research (DR) programme. * For more on the programme visit and on the Nigerian assessment, see


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