Data Related to the Rwanda Quality Basic Education for Human Capital Development Project Impact Assessment: Upper primary and lower secondary Teachers’ performance and Pedagogical Beliefs in Mathematics and Science Cohort II

Published: 17 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/g36zrks68z.1
celine byukusenge, Nkundabakura Pheneas ,


The Rwanda Quality Basic Education for Human Capital Development (RQBEHCD) is a World Bank Group financed project through the government of Rwanda to support Mathematics and Science teachers from upper primary and lower secondary schools. The project was confirmed in 2019 and initiated in 2020. The dataset deposited here comprises two types of data; (1) teacher performance scores per subject taught [Math (for both primary and secondary school teachers), Physics, Chemistry, Biology taught in secondary, and Science and Elementary Technology (SET) taught in upper primary school], (2) teacher belief scores. The data were collected before and after a continuous profession development (CPD) training program of five months starting from March to July 2023. The training program comprised four channels that are ICT integration in teaching math and science, content knowledge (SCK), Math and Science laboratory activities, and innovative pedagogy. The data are collected from seven districts of Rwanda that were involved in the second cohort of training (2022-2023).


Steps to reproduce

Before the training, Pre-test was done and after the training a Post-test was used to collect the data for training Impact assessment. We used the Teachers' Achievemnet tests and a questionnaire to assess Teachers' Pedagogical beliefs for Mathematics and Science.


Mathematics Education, Science Education


World Bank Group