Data for “Do Organizational Virtues Enhance Work Well-being? The Mediator Role of HRM Practices" published by RAC - Revista de Administração Contemporânea

Published: 09-07-2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/g4pkf4kx7t.2
Gisela Demo,
Elaine Neiva,
Karla Veloso Coura,
Sinésio Gomide Júnior,
Ana Carolina Rezende Costa


Data from a survey that aimed to assess the relationship between organizational virtues and well-being at work, mediated by the perception of HRM practices. Structural equation modeling using JASP software was used. The results confirmed the partial mediation performed by HRM practices in the proposed model, bringing a theoretical contribution by bringing together the three variables in a single model. Our findings compose a diagnosis that shed light on the relevance for managers in organizations to prioritize organizational virtues and HRM practices in order to enhance healthier work environments.