Data from: Phylogenomic relationships of bioluminescent elateroids define the “lampyrid clade” with clicking Sinopyrophoridae as its earliest member

Published: 28-01-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/g4xkckycph.1
Dominik Kusy,
Jin-Wu He,
Seth Bybee,
Michal Motyka,
Wen-Xuan Bi,
Lars Podsiadlowski,
Xue-Yan Li,
Ladislav Bocak


File: 1_aaCOGs_and_ntCOGs_aligned_filtered_unmasked.tar.gz Description: The 4 221 aligned aaCOGs and the corresponding codon-based nucleotide sequence alignments before applying alignment masking with ALISCORE an other steps. File: 2_aaCOGs_and_ntCOGs_unaligned_unfiltered.tar.gz Description: The 4 222 amino-acid COGs and the corresponding nucleotide COGs as they resulted from the orthology assignment step. File: 3_AA_supermatrices.tar.gz Description: All inferred amino-acid supermatrices and the corresponding partition files. File: 4_NT_supermatrices.tar.gz Description: All inferred nucleotide supermatrices and the corresponding partition files.