Neutron tomography of petrified wood

Published: 23 May 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/g5snr785xy.2
Anders Kaestner


The data set contains the projections a piece of petrified wood produced during a neutron CT scan. The purpose of the data is to provide a training data set for users of the open source CT reconstruction software MuhRec The data was acquired in 2008 at the cold neutron imaging beamline ICON at Paul Scherrer Institute. The beamline has a collimation in the order of L/D=400 which provides an essentially parallel beam. The setup used an ANDOR DV434 camera with a Pentax 50mm f/1.2 lens and a 100um 6LiF/ZnS scintillator. The pixel size of the projections is 158um. The original data has been cropped (to reduce data size) and converted from the camera file format fits into tiff.


Steps to reproduce

The projection data can be reconstructed using MuhRec ( Steps to perform a reconstruction using MuhRec are described in the user manual. The xml file saved with the reconstructed slices gives you an indication about the parameters used to reconstruct the slices. Any CT reconstruction program that can read TIF images would be able to reconstruct the data.


Paul Scherrer Institut


Applied Physics, 3D Imaging, Neutron Technique