Dataset for different intellectual capital dimensions and banks operational and financial performance

Published: 5 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/g648w6sh73.1
Noor Taha


This dataset contains primary data of intellectual capital dimensions (human capital, structural capital, and Relational capital) as independent variables, and data of banks' operational and financial performance as dependent variables. The data were received from 136 bank employees through formerly examined and validated questionnaires. These data could be used to examine the variables’ relationships.


Steps to reproduce

Data on the intellectual capital, financial performance and operational performance were gathered during February 2022, from employees in Jordanian banks. A ques-tionnaire was used to collect primary data for this study. Online questionnaire was created using Microsoft Forms and the copies were distributed through Emails and social media. The completed questionnaires were filled by 136 employees in Jordani-an banks. All questionnaires were used for further statistical analysis.


The Hashemite University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences


Bank, Profitability Analysis, Intellectual Capital