Supplementary Montney Predictive Modeling Data

Published: 8 July 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/g74m3x5xks.1
Sochi Iwuoha,
Evar Umeozor,
Per Pedersen,
Ian Gates


This dataset accompanies the research paper titled "On Drilling Lower-Emissions Multi-fractured Horizontal Wells: Application of Geoscience Integration and Predictive Modeling in the Montney Tight Gas Play" submitted to the International Journal of Coal Geology by the dataset authors. The dataset contains data tables used for energy requirements estimation and predictive modeling modeling of pre-production methane emissions in multi-fractured horizontal wells (MFHws) drilled in the Montney Formation in west-central Alberta, Canada. . The formulas and related equations for using the dataset are provided in the aforementioned paper. The dataset also includes a reference to complementary Montney Formation regional data for estimating energy requirements and pre-production greenhouse gas (methane) emission in MFHws.



University of Calgary


Applied Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Geology, Gas, Petroleum