3D models of molars - Diet of Neanderthals and early Homo sapiens from macrowear analysis of mandibular molars

Published: 15 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/g8p46cw7j4.1
Maria Hernaiz-Garcia


This dataset contains 3D models of first and second lower molars that belong to Neanderthals, fossil Homo sapiens (from Middle and Upper Paleolithic) and recent modern humans with different surviving strategies (hunter-gatherers, pastoralists and early farmers). The 3D digital surface models were generated using a 55 mm resolution white-light scanning system (smartSCAN 3D, Breuckmann GmbH) after the obtaining of dental replicas by moulding the original dentition using a light viscosity polyvinylsiloxane silicone, ProvilH Novo Light C.D.2 (Heraeus Kulzer GmbH), which was filled with a special gypsum (Everest® Rock, KaVo).



Dental Anthropology