Simflowny 3: An upgraded platform for scientific modeling and simulation

Published: 12 November 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/g9mcw8s64f.2
C. Palenzuela,
B. Miñano,
A. Arbona,
C. Bona-Casas,
C. Bona,
J. Massó


Simflowny is an open platform which automatically generates efficient parallel code of scientific dynamical models for different simulation frameworks. Here we present major upgrades on this software to support simultaneously a quite generic family of partial differential equations. These equations can be discretized using: (i) standard finite-difference for systems with derivatives up to any order, (ii) High-Resolution-Shock-Capturing methods to deal with shocks and discontinuities of balance law equations, and (iii) particle-based methods. We have improved the adaptive-mesh-refinement algorithms to preserve the convergence order of the numerical methods, which is a requirement for improving scalability. Finally, we have also extended our graphical user interface (GUI) to accommodate these and future families of equations. This paper summarizes the formal representation and implementation of these new families, providing several validation results.



Partial Differential Equation, Computational Physics